Practical: Our (mobile) rental units

We offer our mobile rental units with steam capacities of up to 82 kg/h for feasibility studies or large maintenance jobs. These units come equipped with feed water tanks and pumps, and are fully piped and wired.

Please find additional information about our electrically heated steam generators in our fact sheets below, which are available for download.

Please find information about individual configuration with matching equipment and high-performance fittings here


Fact sheet: Model 21.100 - 10 kW

Fact sheet steam generator 21.300 - 10 kW

Fact sheet: Model 21.200 - 15 kW

Fact sheet steam generator 21.200 - 15 kW

Fact sheet: Model 21.300 - 60 kW

Fact sheet steam generator 21.300 - 60 kW

Fact Sheet Feed Water Tank

Steam Generators: Feed Water Tank 21.400.00

Brochure steam generators

Electrically heated steam generators – modular steam technology