In view of increasingly strict emission regulations, a clean and residue-free pollutant combustion is of growing importance. In order to ensure an optimized and secure combustion process, the compensation of pressure fluctuations as well as the control of exhaust gas flows are most crucial. JORDAN Process Control provides your project with proper solutions that observe any safety and environmental constraints.

Emission Control (SRM)

Compensates any pressure fluctuation in your waste gas analysis and flare gas pipe.
  • Secure functionality exhaust gas pressure control /analyzer lower +/- 2 mbar elimination of pressure fluctuations on flare gas side up to 2,5 bar
  • Redundant design increases operation safety and minimizes failure time
  • Modular design offers numerous expansion options, even subsequently
  • Easy maintenance thanks to intelligent design
  • design and engineering after DGRL, ATEX und TA-air
  • complete documentation


  • Stand-alone-solution enclosed in a cabinet or attached to assembly frame
  • lighted cabinet
  • Electronic contol with frequency converter in Ex – and non-ex-design
  • control elements easily accessible
  • Explicit transition point e.g. Roxtec-frame or bulkhead plate
  • Collecting pipe designed and manufactured according to use
  • extendable measure gas pumps to optimize accessibility
  • Heated cabinet for frost prevention or holding temperature

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