One of the challenges occurring with the operation of complex plants is to securely take samples from hermetically closed media cycles under full capacity. To prevent traces of possibly hazardous substances from leaking and getting into contact with drinking water or personnel requires comprehensive know-how and accuracy. JORDAN Process Control manages the development and realization of customized sampling systems and helps to significantly increase your operation safety.

Low-Emission Sampling (SRM)

of liquids, steam, gas and highly viscous substances
  • Secure handling
  • Representative sampling
  • Modular layout
  • Design and engineering according to DGRL, ATEX and TA-air
  • Easy maintenance
  • Complete documentation

Basic Configuration

Stainless Steel Cabinet with Inspection Glass

Bottle Holder

suited to your sample bottle

Dead Man’s Handle

for secure switch between bypassing and sampling with closed cabinet

Optional Features

Cabinet Suction

to remove toxic gas and steam from the inside


eclectrical or steam operated: all heated systems equipped with high-quality insulation


for placing an ATEX-flashlight

Here everything’s
at your disposal.
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